Head north from Grom’gol until you find a hill in between two ruins. Return to the road and go east. Once you have them, head back to the docks. The level listed next to each item is when you will need it during the guide. Eventually you’ll come across a ramp to your left. Turn in, Head north from The Crossroads and follow the road until you are in Mor’shan Rampart. Turn in, Head southwest back to the furbolg village. Click it to light it and immediately run away from the elite. Run through Thunder Ridge, killing everything you see. Go to the water there and use your, Head directly south from Gadgetzan. While you’re here, look for two lockboxes. Kill any, Fight your way to the cauldron in the middle of Gahrron’s Withering. Here, turn in. Kill the nagas in the area until you reach level 54. “Exit the lake via the north coast. Kill them to finish up The Ogres of Feralas. Ignore his bodyguards and run away after looting. Accept the quest: Exit the cave and sell, repair, and buy food if you need it. Now is a great time to get a group to run. Follow the patch to reach The Sepulcher. A little bit of inconsistency there. Once you find help, head west to the camp of twilight enemies. Use your hearthstone to go back to Tarren Mill. Kill at least 15 peasants, then head back to the northern field. up top. Fight your way into the fortress and enter a side room. Run east to Winterfall Village. Check all of the destroyed buildings and look for, Go towards the center of town and enter the large building. In the rest of the town, accept the following quests: Go south from Ratchet, closely following the coast to your left. Turn in, This is probably the best time to go ahead and do Blackfathom Deeps over near Zoram Gar Outpost and it is strongly recommended that you do so. You’ll need to collect the charts and logs from both ships. this time. . Fight your way to the cauldron in the field. Swim west and look for some shipwrecks in the water. Circle the cliff to your right (north) and climb up to kill prowlers for Prowlers of the Barrens. Exit the cave and run southeast. Repair, sell junk, and buy food if you need it. Go behind the crypt and use the dirt to turn in, Now go north past the road to Marris Stead. Approach it and accept the quest: . Here you’ll find. This guide will aim to provide you with a clear skill and gear path to max level in WoW Classic. After killing flesheaters, go north to find. WoW Classic: 50-60 Horde Leveling Guide. Keep heading east to reach Fungal Rock. Board the boat for Booty Bay. Leave Razor Hill by running mainly east to reach the beach. on the ground. Head out the west gate of The Crossroads and keep running until you get close to Stonetalon Mountains. Fight you way towards the tower and wait for, Use your hearthstone to return to Undercity. This begins a fairly simple escort quest. Accept the next quest: yet again, Now you should fly to The Sepulcher. Head southwest to the gnoll camps. Leave the city and get on the zeppelin to Grom’gol Base Camp. in the moonwell. In this camp, you need to kill, Once Kreenig Snarlsnout is dead, make sure to loot his body and then search around for a stack of supply crates for Supplies for the Crossroads. Kill any pirates you see and go to the northernmost pirate camp. This article is a list of all zones by level before World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Kill the pirates and use the. Fight your way to the moonwell here, then use your, Head east to the road and follow it south to the Emerald Sanctuary. WoW Classic: 20-30 Horde Leveling Guide. The part for the D2 Set bracers is still up in the guide btw. The Bloodsail Captains quest at level 44 is WAY WAY WAY too early unless you’re a Mage. Run over there and kill slimes until you get 30. Next you’ll take a lengthy detour into Ashenvale to complete the quest you just picked up, primarily for the flightpaths you’ll pick up along the way. Take a flight to Splintertree Post in Ashenvale. Run out of Orgrimmar and head for the zeppelin tower to your left. Investigate the Camp, Singing Blue Shards, Bloodscalp Ears. . Enter it and accept the quest: Now run to the goblin to your northeast. Use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. Stop off and kill any slimes you see, making sure to loot them. Thanks for catching this one. After reaching level 13, go south towards the building where you picked up quests earlier. . I am an undead who went to the ork region. Proceed east to Steamwheedle Port once the ruins are empty. Turn in. Head northeast until you reach Plaguewood. Kill the dragonkin there until both Identifying the Brood and Army of the Black Dragon are finished. Continue doing this until Forging the Shaft is finished. Go through Timbermaw Hold and go east to Winterspring. Head northeast to the main road. Talk to your trainer and hand the quest in. Go to the second floor and turn in, Exit the house and run to the barn. Once they die, use. Otherwise, enter the camp. Kill all of the wolves, owlbeasts,and gryphons that you see here. At the top there are four guards and. Eventually the road will begin to curve east. Once you get to Echo Isles, kill all the tigers and raptors you find. Fight your way to the camp in the center to get the, Go southeast from here to get to the Ruins of Zul’Mamwe. Enter it and take the quest: . Ascend the Pinnacle until you reach the peak with a split path. Find Gann and hand in, Return to the excavation site southeast and locate the helipad near the entrance. Our guide begins in The Valley of Trials, Durotar. Prior to leaving, repair, use the auction house, and buy any necessary consumables. Go west now to reach the Harborage. Enter it and find, Use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. Run around the flats killing everything around your level that you see to finish the five quests you have here. Run southwest from here to reach Dun Garok. to come around so you can kill and loot him. Head back to Grom’gol Base Camp by running east. Clear out your bags and repair before leaving town. Sell junk items, clear up your inventory, and buy food if you need it. Fight your way west again towards the entrance of the Slag Pit. From Ratchet, start going southwest to reach The Stagnant Oasis. Return to Kalaran and hand in. Head to Mirage Raceway and turn in, Once Rizzle leaves his house, go pick up the Unguarded Plans. Loot all the crates you see here to find all of Kim’jael’s equipment. Look for some fighting ghosts and swim towards them. Dive down near the ship and loot the clams nearby. Hearthstone back to Orgrimmar when you are done. Make sure to have 15. What’s the point of picking up power stones and solution to doom at level 40 if it never tells us to do Uldaman? Kill and loot her to finish up Dark Heart. Do it around 60.35. Run over to those wooden structures and use your, Kill the worms that spawn and loot them. Now go back and kill harpies until you have just a bubble left to reach level 10. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Turn in. By the end of your questing here, you want to have 50 Un’Goro Soil. you find while questing in Stranglethorn Vale. Run north out of the village and go back up the cliff. Turn in. Then run back to Writhing Haunt to your southwest and turn in. Don’t worry if you can’t find someone to help you. Remember to kill any silly enemy that gets in your way. Make a leap of faith (you won’t die) off the mountain to return to the cave. Take the southern bridge for now. Now you can leave Ratchet again by heading west. Head back into the cave and turn right. Additionally, try not to use your hearthstone unless mentioned during the guide so you have it available when needed. Turn right to the Canyon and do Deepmoss Spider Eggs, “Blood Feeders”. Follow the path all the way north until you find Margoz. Once you reach Ratchet, the escort will be complete. ... Classic Mining Leveling. There are some things missing from the guide – When do we turn in Pool of Tears, when do we pick up Some Assembly Required, the picture showing you where to go from duskwood to swamp of sorrows is wrong you turn right way before the end of that arrow trough the deadwind pass while on the picture you are sending us into redridge mountains. We also group each zone by level range and provide recommendations on which are the most optimal or convenient for each race. Make your way into the water and find Gnomish Toolboxes at the bottom. From the Slithering Scar, go south towards the mountains and follow it west, killing all the pterrordaxes you see. Accept the quest: Now go out the exit to Booty Bay and head east this time. Return to the house. Kill them until you are level 30. Run northwest back to the road and find, Return to Bael Modan to the southeast, but go north of the excavation site to the fortress instead. Kill tauren around the village until your quest is complete. Take the next part. Maybe that’s what you meant by “Run east along the road out of town to reach a village of centaurs.” however it seems a little confusing to me. Find your class trainer and accept the quest they have for you. Leave Stonard and heard northeast to find, From here head south until you reach Misty Reed Post by the coast. Eventually you’ll come across Malaka’jin. You’ll be ambushed multiple times. Enter the tent and use the strongbox to turn in, Leave the tent and head all the way west until you reach the Harborage again. Run mostly west and a little to the south to reach the yeti caves again. I think there’s an error with 38.4/38.15, it is assumed that “Some Assembly Required” was picked up but the pickup isn’t done in the guide (at least I didn’t have it and can’t find it with ctrl+f). Hey. Repeat what you did with the western tower and then leave the tower. Repeat this until the quest is done. Take a flight to Sun Rock Retreat. Use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. Follow it to enter The Hinterlands. This includes: Head out of The Crossroads and start running in a circle around it, killing any plainstriders that you see. Accept the quest: Run west all the way back to Flame Crest. Click the. Head east from here and hug the mountain. Enter The Crossroads and learn the flightpath. Continue on the path to enter Andorhal. Accept Stealing Knowledge from Jediga. Keep going until you reach the eastern wall. Kill all 30 of your murlocs along this shore. at the bottom of each watchtower to try and find a spyglass. Classic WoW Fishing Leveling Guide 1-300 This Classic WoW Fishing guide will show you fastest way how to level Fishing from 1 to 300. Now head southeast until you find Valorwind Lake. Don’t worry if you don’t find them because they might be in the other camps. Keep killing in the area until Lack of Surplus is done. Head northeast, hugging the mountain to your left. Hand in, Head east out of The Bulwark and stop off at Felstone Field. Continue killing skeletons in Andorhal to finish Skeletal Fragments. Complete this quest by talking to Wharfmaster Dizzywig. Take a flight to Everlook. Awesome guide, i started it just now from lvl 21 ! Turn in. Cross the first bridge you see, but stop at the second one. Once your kodo is following you, head back to Scrabblescrew’s Camp. Once you arrive, accept the following quests: Make sure to set your hearthstone to Camp Mojache. Get on zeppelin to Grom’Gol. Ignore the quest for now, but you will return to do it later. Fight your way into the house so you can turn in, Head east from here along the coast to find Gahrron’s Withering. Once you finally have the ichor for Elixir of Suffering, ran back to Tarren Mill. Follow the road. You should also kill any raptors you see now and during other quests until you have enough heads to complete Raptor Thieves. Hopefully, leveling up will be a breeze for you now. Exit the fortress and head west to go back to Ethel’Rethor. Sell junk and repair before leaving town. Kill enough spiders to finish up Blood Feeders and pick up enough eggs to complete Deepmoss Spider Eggs. Take the road going northeast to reach Azshara. Use, Keep going south to find another pool for, . The Stagnant Oasis is one of the best places to grind for your level, so you’ll want to kill centaurs and turtles in the area until you reach level 16. Hand in, Go northwest now until you see a back way into the troll ruins. Go south to Fire Plume Ridge and climb to the top. Enter the cave and kill. . Fight your way through the room and look to your right. At level 56 step 30 it says to go into Shadow Hold and kill Rakaiah, for the quest Retribution of the Light, which is a follow up to the quest Rescue from Jaedenar, which you can start around level 56 step 13 by looting the start item. Run southwest out of town until you find a tower. Go southeast now to the Thalassian Base Camp. Once you’re done, run north past Camp Mojache to find Grimtotem Village. Now go to Hunter Rise to the south. Now go west to make your way back to Kargath. Heya, at level 54 part 45 the guide instructs players to pickup the quest Volcanic Activity, which is completed at level 55 Part 11. Go outside and turn all the valves off around the nearby piece of large machinery. Use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. Avoid Silverwing Refuge! Eventually you’ll see a way up. Return to the road and follow it north. If you’re having trouble with leveling, perhaps you might try running Blackfathom Deeps? Before leaving town, make sure to stock up on food and repair. Take a flight to Marshall’s Refuge. is finished. Head north past it until you reach Northridge Lumber Camp. Make sure to also collect apples from the cactus bushes and wake up sleeping orcs with your blackjack when you see them. There is a pack of three enemies inside, but once they’re killed you can find. Turn in. Run southeast from Everlook to the mountains, then follow them south to reach Owl Wing Thicket. Turn around and run east, hugging the mountain on your left. Head west to Bloodvenom Post and turn in. It seems none of the dungeon quests are marked to be turned in, possibly to assist those who can’t or won’t do dungeons for whatever reason. Enter a tent to find, Run west back to Ghost Walker Post. Head south next to the coast again to revisit the pirates. Head west across the river to the road, then follow it all the way north into Felwood. . Learn the flightpath and take a flight to Thunder Bluff. Kill boars to the north and south until you reach level 2. Now start running southeast. Fight your way through the cave and to the end of it to find a. Turn in. Seems a bit sadistic to recommend approaching Helcular’s Grave from the North East instead of from the South East, solo at level 35. Repeat this until you kill 15, Head southwest back to Chromie in the house. Follow it until you can see Southshore. If you have enough gold, learn riding training and buy a mount! The quests and grinding sessions included are sequenced to get you to level 60 as fast as possible! Leave the building and go to the east of the bluff to find one more bridge. Once you exit the tunnel, jump down to Felpaw Village. But they lacked vision. Turn in, Leave the house and head northeast. Otherwise, you’ll find a number of the quests in the next section to be a bit overwhelming. Could you clarify? lvl 58 #49 Says turn in brother carlin…. and all bloodstone pieces. Kill him if you can, but he’s tough so don’t worry if you can’t. Open, Run southwest back to the house Chromie is in. So I had to walk all the way back lol Use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. right next to you. The Plaguewood is northwest from the user’s location at that point. Run back south to reach Razor Hill. Make our way back down the ramp and start going southeast to reach Northdale. Leave Orgrimmar by boarding a zeppelin to Undercity. Run west back across the river, then go south. Now fight your way out of Shadow Hold and Jaedenar. Whether you do it alone or in a group, kill Mercutio and loot him. Once done with ogres, go northwest from here to locate Feral Scar Vale. Turn in, Un-Life’s Little Annoyances, To Kill With Purpose, Head west and then north when you can along the mountain to reach, Head south to the road and then cross the bridge west into Western Plaguelands. When you get there, accept the quests: Run southeast out of the camp until you find. Colors indicate Alliance territory, Horde territory, Contested territory, Combat zone. Use your. In the middle of the isles, you’ll find several buildings and a hill with. Once Raptor Mastery is done, run south to reach Bal’lal Ruins. Kill them until both quests are finished. When fighting Foreman Bonds, only attack him and run away from his bodyguards when he dies. Keep killing the naga until you have the rune for your quest. Unfortunately your best choice now is to grind all the way to level 42. Run east until you see the entrance to Thunder Ridge. Jump off the cliff and aim for the water to not take any damage. Hey snooker, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Now you’ll go east to find the geomancers and defenders. Return northeast of Northridge Lumber Mill and turn in, Return to the road east of you. Turn in. Go to Hunter Rise. Changes have been made to the guide directing players to the dungeon, along with some suggested quests for it. Head north at the river and turn in. Clear the gorillas you see and keep going to find, Finish the escort, then immediately hand in, Run southwest to the river past the tar pools and cross it. near the forge. Leave and go inside the other house to find, . But that won’t take you to Ratchet. I noticed yesterday though none of the quest names are a different color anymore. Look for piles of eggs on the ground near trees too. Fight through it to find. Now go back down the tower and talk to the elf offering a quest at the bottom. in the water and around it. Up there you’ll find a chest to open with an envelope inside. Kill everything you need here for Forces of Jaedenar. Some of these are quite fun and lead to great rewards, while others are a waste of time. Kill and loot a, . Is this just the WoW books, or does this include both t... Shadowlands Wallpaper Pack - 1440p (2560x1440). Once you’re done, follow the road northeast. in the area filled with slimes. In Classic World of Warcraft, usually what makes a class flavorful is also what makes the class powerful, as a Warlock you will want to utilize your demons to making your leveling experience as smooth and as efficient as possible. Take this time to clear out your bags and repair. Talk to the friendly tauren next to him to start the escort quest: . However, an alliance city, Astranaar, is in the middle of the road so make sure to stay clear of it. This will take you to friendly status. Keep going until you reach Darrowshire. Run all the way west until you get to the Barrens. Kill a zhevra and loot their carcass. Now is a good time to restock, repair, and sell. Alternatively you can also do. Collect the last of your legs for Fresh Meat here. Turn in, Head west around the Pestilent Scar again to reach Corin’s Crossing. This will spawn four waves of enemies, very difficult to do solo. . Both orc and troll characters naturally spawn here. Then use your hearthstone to return to Camp Mojache. . Run south and fight your way to the cave in the Dunemaul Compound. Go over the bridge. When you have them, go east and turn in. If you have any combinable chapters, do so now to save space. Run to the northern part of town and turn in. Head northeast of it to find a trail. Once you get there, go east to reach the Pool of Tears. Turn in. Turn in, Run south from Ratchet along the coast until you find the Tidus Stair. After reaching level 16 start heading west. Accept Jin’Zil’z Forest Magic. Keep grinding elves until you are four bubbles into level 53. Leave the city by taking a zeppelin to Undercity. Use it to get the quest: Now run southeast until you find the road and follow it east, then south to Ghost Walker Post. At the end of the wing, burn the, Clear all the elves in the area, then go talk to. Head south through the jungle back to Grom’gol Base Camp. Go to the Valley of Honor and turn in. This article is a list of all zones by level for World of Warcraft: Classic.. One of them will house Mankrik’s wife. Keep going west to find Silverwing Outpost. Kill all loot all the bugs there to finish up Noxious Lair Investigation. 2am-6am grinding this, gave up in the end. Continue doing this until Bloodvenom River, at which point you should turn and run west. It’s easy possible at lvl 17 to get to the mentioned place. When finished, use your hearthstone to return to Tarren Mill. Look for someone offering you a repeatable quest. . Now you can exit the Ruins of Andorhal. in your bags to summon him. afterwards. You'll discover that it requires a lot of patience and time to build your skill level up to the maximum level. Kill dwarves in the fortress until Revenge of Gann is complete. Hey I think it never says to turn in Fiery Menace in Burning Steppes. Just a FYI for level 49, you mention hearthing back to Mojache, but you’ve never said to set the hearth there from gadget. Joana's Classic WoW 1-60 Leveling Guides. Now follow the road north to Razor Hill. Swim through the water to reach the boat. Make your way to the center and kill everything in the room. Turn in. Go around the Pestilent Scar and go east to Light’s Hope Chapel. Leave Hammerfall and start running west. From the tar pools, head southeast to find a run-down encampment. We added a line at line 12 in level 49 to clear up that confusion. And if your attacks missed and you die, revive your char at the maximum possible distance to your dead body heading towards the Splintertree Post. While you’re here, look for a scroll on the ground too. Keep going west to find Bloodvenom Post. Use your hearthstone to return to Booty Bay once finished. Partway down the ramp, walk off the side path and accept the quests: Keep an eye out and loot any power crystals you see on the ground. After collecting all three sets of quest items, run north to find some guarded nests. Now go west along the road until you hit the bridge. However, he does run away at low health. There are also three enemies in here and another cannoneer at the top. Enter the settlement and accept the quest: . Accept the follow up quest: Now go east out of The Bulwark. Enter the water here and find the dinosaur, When you get to Booty Bay, loot a crate on the docks near. Follow it to find. lists chain quests that you should accept. Kill ogres for Call to Arms here. Run along the river killing crocs until Some Assembly Required is done. We’ve made all of these changes to the guide and we appreciate once again your help with improving the guide. Keep going east to find a large skeleton. Find your way up to the top of the mountain, killing and looting any elemental you see along the way. 50-50 – Azshara. Head east to go back to Razor Hill. Turn in. Head for a tower to your right. Wait a minute, then click the quest that appears to pick up the quest: Open the box you just received in your inventory. Kill oozes outside if you don’t have slime samples yet. Follow the road all the way south to Dun Algaz. This will definitely get you to level 39. Run south from Camp Taurajo until you see a way into the zone to the east. However, are the DPS increase per +dama... Shadowlands Prepatch Event Now Live: Death's Rising. Now run southeast until you hit the road. You can abandon Again with the Zapped Giants now. Then run south back to the road and follow it west. Leave the cave the way you came. . Enter it and fight your way through the room. Cross it and head north until you find Tirion Fordring again. Then go north and kill the Monstrous Plaguebats and Frenzied Plaguehounds you find until Un-Life’s Little Annoyances and Demon Dogs are done. Take the path you came from earlier to descend Darkcloud Pinnacle. Don’t get off the lift until you reach the third floor. Head towards the exit of Booty Bay. chapter 15 of lvl 25 have a typo in it, I think you meant lvl 26? Head to the western encampment and clear it out. Stay in the area until you finish Volcanic Activity. Keep running northwest until the road begins to point straight north. Once in Badlands, go south and hug the mountain to your right. You are absolutely correct, Xiara and thank you very much for bringing that to our attention. Pick up only these eight quests in the village: Run north out of the village and kill the Saltwater Snapjaws you see until Snapjaws, Mon! Meaning, if a quest is not listed in the guide and you see it from a quest giver, don’t pick it up! Turn in, Run northwest to return to Fire Plume Ridge. Once you arrive, go to the western lift and accept the quest: . Continue along the road until you see the alliance city of Aerie Peak. Hey! Exit the house and run all the way south across the road to find the Ruins of Andorhal. At level 17, line 7, the quest Warsong Reports is written twice. He has the quest: Run southeast now until you reach Bael Modan. Ride along the road all the way north to Duskwood. Make sure to kill. Place your, Run southwest to the next tower. Get any shredder manual pages that you have stored in your bank. This time swim towards the island to your north. Destroy the flying machine and return to Gann on the road. Use the auction house and repair while you’re here. Hand in, Fight your way to the cauldron again. For the charms, go deeper into the village until you find a stone arch that leads to a cave. Screecher Spirits, Pirate Hats Ahoy!, Andre Firebeard, Southsea Shakedown. Make your way down and kill any elementals, golems, and dwarves that you see. Whenever questing in Western or Eastern Plaguelands, equip the. Kill everything you find there where you look for. Follow it to Revantusk Village. If you aren’t yet level 36, kill the humans near Alterac Mountains until you need 2,500 experience for level 36. Follow the path to take you into Silithus.

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